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Solidarity. That was something I never thought I would accuse a Spaniard of.  When the tornadoes hit Oklahoma earlier this year and everyone joined in to help the affected, I said, "Americans help each other when tragedy strikes. Spaniards don't."  Well, I was wrong. On the 24th of July, last Wednesday, I was at the hospital accompanying my father who had had surgery the week before.  It was the Eve of St. James and, as I left for home, I thought that if I didn't have so much work awaiting me I would have gone to watch the fireworks, even if only to celebrate my father's successful surgery.  But my husband and daughter were awaiting me and there was much to do before returning to the hospital the following day. I hit the highway. A kilometer or so along and a police van, lights flashing, passed in the opposite direction.  Another kilometer and another van, from the Civil Guard, went north.  I thought, "What an awful evening to have an accident on the high