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Final Stretch, 26. Party Like It's 2099.

Niñatos . That is a Spanish term that, in one word, serves to describe privileged kids who have no sense of responsibility, and are selfish as hell. That word describes a great deal of the teenagers that went on end-of-school trips to Palma de Mallorca, where they cavorted to their hearts' content, and are now disseminating new cases of Covid all over the country. There are a few that realize they are responsible for their actions, but just a few. One, a Galician, interviewed by La Voz de Galicia, declared that they had been at fault for attending a macro concert in Palma's bull ring, and various other parties, knowing that the pandemic is still there. Unfortunately, those don't get much air time. The ones that do, are the ones that are angry that their trip has been interrupted. Over two hundred have been confined by the Govern Balear to a four star hotel on the city's ocean front. Of those, about sixty-two had tested positive by yesterday. These children and their par

Final Stretch, 24 & 25. The Goal Recedes.

Almost a month ago, I subtitled my blog with Final Stretch , because it seemed we were in the final stretch of the pandemic; people were being vaccinated left and right, the number of contagion was falling steeply. The brakes just got pulled. The Delta variant, highly contagious, is starting to gain on the British variant, which was already more contagious than the original. Only those who have been vaccinated with their two shots are more likely to stave off Delta, the rest can easily get sick. And, thanks to end of school trips to Mallorca, around a thousand cases have been detected almost all over Spain among teenagers who let their hair down at the offered macro parties. Worse, still, it's not just the teenagers in some cases, but their parents and other family members, as well. Common sense, sentidiño as we say here, is brilliant in its absence.  Despite this, Spain has gone ahead with its new rules on masks. But, it turns out that the new rules are the ones I already abided

Final Stretch, 20, 21, 22, & 23. A Trip Not Quite Up to Par.

I am so out of it. I am tired . I got my second shot yesterday morning. I was fine all day, with only minor aching in my arm. But then, around evening, I got extremely tired. My body ached. I had a small headache. I took a paracetamol, and I got a bit better. But then, during the night, I was cold, couldn't sleep well because of that, and awoke with a low-grade fever and general achyness. Now, I'm a bit better, with another paracetamol. Hopefully, by tomorrow, I'll be my normal self. It's been busy for me since I finished classes last Tuesday. The car was in the garage Wednesday and Thursday, having the clutch fixed. Wednesday night, Midsummer, we had our own little bonfire to jump over and keep witches away. Friday, I went on one of my road trips, the first since last June, and yesterday I got my second shot and got zonked out. My road trip had been up in the air. I had been intending to go down to Porto, where I haven't been in at least two or three years. But, in

Final Stretch, 17, 18 & 19. A Lady From Another Life.

When I was sixteen, I started working after school practically across the street from my high school, at Harvard Medical School. I was a type of office and research lab help in the Department of Physiology. I ran errands, washed glassware, and typed information into computer programs. Eventually, I drifted to the department's main office, where I entered invoices into Harvard's computer system, and did all types of office grunt work.  There were two secretaries in the office, Robin and Margaret. Both were nice, though perhaps Robin, more so. The department administrator, to whom we all responded, had her office right next to the main office, and her name was Denise Zakher. From the first, we hit it off. Margaret, the less imaginative secretary, couldn't understand how I could joke so freely with Denise. The administrator was a serious person, who did her job meticulously and got what she expected from people. At times, she could be intimidating. But I noticed a glint in her

Final Stretch, 15 & 16. Forgetting Our Own History.