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It's a Job

Getting a decent job in Spain in the twenty-first century is not an easy task. Especially if you're young. Or if you're over forty. Or if you don't have a college degree. Or if you have too many degrees, masters, or even a doctorate. Youth unemployment is now at thirty three percent, the highest in the European Union. Which explains the crowds this past Sunday. This Sunday were the exams to access jobs within the postal system. Public employment in Spain is accessed by exams. The prospective employee tends to spend more than a year studying the material, generally by paying and attending classes at private academies. Then, when an exam is held (which doesn't happen every year), they register and attend an all-day x-marks-the-answer marathon.  Our daughter joined the crowds this Sunday. Only, she didn't have much time to prepare, just about four months, on her own. Hopefully, she'll pass, which means she'll be on the substitute list. That will allow her t