The Come-Back, Day 15. Of Sheep and Tourism.

Life is becoming more normal, bit by bit. As of today, we can go to the malls, to the beach, to tiny weddings, to small funerals, and sit inside a restaurant. All, of course, maintaining a distance of two meters with strangers, and wearing masks. 

The government is being pressured to end the state of alarm and finish opening up the country. Last Saturday, the sheep of Vox took to the streets in cars, waving large flags, and chanting, "Gobierno dimisión!" In one breath they accuse the government of murder by allowing the virus to take hold, and in the next, of ruining the country by shutting it down. They should make up their minds.

I really don't like to hate, because I see it as a misuse of energy and something that just makes me feel worse. But there's really no other way to feel when I think about Vox and their hypocritical, self-aggrandizing, pseudo-patriotic trills. At the protest last Saturday, one of their leaders said that this was a great moment, on a par with…

The Come-Back, Day 14. Home Sweet Home.

Summer is in the air. It's warmer today than yesterday, and while the wind still comes from the northeast, it's calmed down today. The beaches are opening tomorrow. Since I don't have classes now, I could go. The only thing holding me back is the forecast water temperature, which is supposed to be around 17º/62º. I have no wish to freeze.

My husband went fishing early this morning with a friend. It's the first time in months he's been to the ocean at daybreak. Even before the lockdown, either the weather or the tide had been against them since the end of last fall. Today, the situation was good, except for the fish. The only fish biting were small specimens, which they let go.

Despite the lack of economic resources, this isn't a bad place to live. We are surrounded by fields and woodland. Except in the middle of the villages, the houses are far from neighbors. The air is cleaner, and we grown plenty of our own vegetables; some even grow their own chickens, rabbit…

The Come-Back, Day 13. In Search of the Perfect Tourist

The weather is taking on a summery feel, again. While temperatures are still proper of the month of May, the wind is moderate from the northeast, and the forecast is for temperatures to start going up tomorrow, and possibly hit 30º/86º by Tuesday. Just in time for the beaches to open.

Most seaside townships replied to the regional government's suggestion of an internet app to get appointments to hit the beach with a resounding "No." They find it very awkward to implement, and will instead try to keep down the crowds in different ways. Some say they will fly drones to warn people, others will parcel out the sands, so people stay farther apart. Some say they will use manpower to patrol and control. It's May yet, and since we still can't travel from one province to another, there won't be crowds next week.

The tourism industry is trying to revive itself. But, unless massive visits are coming in, many hotels and tourism-driven businesses will close. What gets me is…

The Come-Back, Day 12. Heading for Phase Two.

The drizzly, misty, miserable rain has reappeared during the night. I'm sure it was brought on by my having left the car windows open about three fingers, after forgetting to open them earlier in the week, when it was warmer and dryer. I closed them this morning, so now the rain shouldn't return.

Next Monday, most of Spain will pass on to Phase Two. That means that you can sit inside a restaurant or bar, though only at a table, not at the bar; that you can go to the movies, but you have to sit in a pre-asigned seat; that stores greater than 400 square meters can open, including malls, but common areas cannot be occupied (the seats at the mall will be roped off); and that very small weddings can be held.

I can't really imagine attending a wedding during this time, though I assume there will be some. Imagine wearing a mask during the ceremony and at the reception. The pictures would be unique. Though, with the food and the wine, I'm certain the masks will be put aside and …

The Come-Back, Day 11. Odds and Ends.

I didn't go walking today. I woke up very tired and with a slight headache. I don't really know why; I slept very deeply, only skimming the waking surface a couple of times without really breaking through. But, I've been walking almost every day for the past three weeks or so. One day off won't matter.

Not that I can weigh myself. Though I think it's better that way, until I try on last summer's tightest shorts. Otherwise, I might get too depressed. I've always weighed myself on the local pharmacy's scales, but it's been turned off since this shindig began, and it probably won't be turned on until everything is back and running.

Today is the first day of obligatory mask wearing. The only exceptions are if you're prone to anxiety attacks, have respiratory illnesses that make breathing with them difficult, or are under six years of age. Runners and cyclists are also not obliged to wear one. I may not go running every morning, but my walk is not …

The Come-Back, Day 10. Cracks.

Summer seems to have arrived this week. Temperatures have gone up to close to 80º/27º. It's becoming a good idea to wear shorts and open windows. Already after my morning walk, I'm overheated, and thinking about going out earlier, to avoid the strengthening sun.

Strawberries are already past their prime. A month ago, I could buy them and they would last two days. Now, they have to be eaten the same day they're bought. Watermelons have begun to arrive, as well as apricots. Plums are making an appearance, but they have no flavor, yet. 

The greens of early spring have amalgamated into a uniform green with stray yellows from left-over broom blossoms. The woods begin to smell of pine needles and eucalyptus leaves in the warm afternoons. Nature continues down the year.

Human nature continues, too. At the height of the lockdown, everyone was certain that this would change us. We were certain that solidarity and respect for others would become the new normal. The young people who off…

The Come-Back, Day 9. Of Beaches and Scheduling.

Since yesterday, I didn't finish getting everything I needed, and even added to the list, I will go out this afternoon. Yes, I'm feeling masochistic, going out in summery afternoon weather with a mask.

They are going to make wearing a mask obligatory in closed public spaces and in open spaces if two feet cannot be kept between people. So, as soon as you set foot on the sidewalk, you'll need to wear a mask now. Yes, I will probably forego leaving the house a lot this summer. Not even to buy clothes. 

These two months have widened my girth, which is very slowly declining again through walking. So, I have t-shirts that don't fit me, and t-shirts that have acquired strange stains after having been folded and not touched during the winter. Perhaps I will have faith in my walking ability, not bother to replace the stained ones, and just make do this year. If I'm not going to go out much, it won't matter.

While I am not a beach bunny, there are summer days when swimming …