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Beginning Over, 1. It's a Cycle.

I have reverted to pre-pandemic times, and abandoned my writing for a bit. I simply feel tired and withdrawn. With the new season, I have hibernated into myself, simply accepting the darkness and the death of the year. I am also weary of the world. We have stopped watching the nightly news, partly because the television reception is so bad, partly because we catch the headlines on various online newspapers. Even so, I can't stand the hypocritical politics that have taken over the national and international scene. Democracy is dying and too few people care about defending it. We are reliving history and don't seem to give a damn as long as we can get the newest gadgets and toys. The pandemic is returning because people don't care and think everything is over. Masks are mandatory everywhere inside, but not outside. Outside, they are recommended if distances of a meter and a half can't be kept. But people obviate the "recommended" part, and just see the "not