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Beginning Over, 17. Pro-Hypocrisy.

The Right in the United States pride themselves for being pro-life. Now that it seems that the Roe v. Wade decision will probably be overturned, they are rubbing their hands together in glee, catching a glimpse of all the children they will "save", including the issue from ectopic pregnancies (even though the obligation of carrying the child to term in this case will result in the completely certain death of both embryo and mother). Victory is in sight for them. Yet, these people who are so very concerned with the unborn, are also the staunchest defenders of the right to bear weapons. They will insist that, while there is no basis in the Constitution for the right to privacy that led to the Roe v. Wade decision, the Second Amendment specifically states that everyone has the right to own and brandish a weapon. It doesn't matter that the original intent (and these people tend to insist on Original Intent when interpreting the Constitution their way) was only for the formati

Beginning Over, 16. Non-Politics, Non-Song, Nonsense.

Saturday night was yet another edition of the Eurovision Song Contest. As was more or less predictable, Ukraine won by popular vote. Their song was not one of my favorites, but I think people judged more on the situation than on musical merits.  Which is really ironic, because this contest is supposed to be apolitical. In the past twenty years, Ukraine has had its wrist slapped repeatedly for introducing politics with its Russian neighbor into their songs. This year, when they ended their song, they called out for people to support Mariupol and help out those trapped in the Azovstal works. But, this year was different from previous ones, and it was ignored by the judges. The song itself, ostensibly about the singer's mother, could as easily be extrapolated to the Motherland of Ukraine. In other words, nothing on this earth is apolitical; music, especially. The festival itself began with staged people singing Give Peace a Chance in Turin, where the festival was held. Spain, amazin

Beginning Over, 15. In Mourning.

This morning, I have been seeing an article from Politico mentioned on the internet (link  here ), talking about an opinion draft in the Supreme Court. Justice Alito mentions that Roe v. Wade must be overturned because it is not upheld by the Constitution, nor is it a part of the tradition or history of the nation. Therefore, regulations on abortions must be passed back to the states.  He argues that the basis for passing the popular decision in 1973 was weak, and that nowhere in the Constitution is abortion mentioned. Also, that the Court should not hold in consideration popular opinion. His main argument, is really that it is not a specific right mentioned in the Constitution. He goes on to strike down arguments supporting legal abortion nationally, controversially mentioning that abortion was used by those who wanted to suppress the African-American population, noting that most aborted fetuses were African-American. Also, that not having access to abortion would not impinge on a wo

Beginning Over, 14. May Days.

Easter has come, and Easter has gone. It was a very uneventful week's vacation for me. I didn't go anywhere on my own, just for a drive in the mountains with my husband. The following week, masks came off, and I didn't wear them on the first day of freedom, but I had to put them back on after that because my husband came down with Covid. He has no idea how he got it; perhaps an evening he spent with friends was the culprit. He still doesn't understand how, because he kept on his mask the entire time. None of the others were wearing one, though. He didn't have such an easy time of it as I did, however, because his lungs were affected with a wracking cough. Even now, over a week since he was negative on the test, he still has shortness of breath, though he is finally expelling the phlegm that had lodged in his chest. His recovery is slower than mine, since he still feels fatigued. Cases are on the rise, again. It was only normal, seeing how crowded Holy Week celebrati