Beginning Over, 6. Getting Bored.

Day 4.

My symptoms are retreating. The only thing left is that I sometimes have to clear my throat, or give a small cough to do so. 

The forecast is calling for some rain on Thursday night, and then a return to the sun. But only until Saturday. From Sunday on out, it's supposed to rain. So, this week I can't go walking because, despite being physically capable of doing so, I'm quarantined, and next week I won't be able to go walking because the long-awaited rain is coming. You just can't win.

I finished a Donna Leon book last night, and started one by David Young, about East Germany in the 1970's. I have another book waiting. What I haven't been able to read in the past months, I'm reading now. It's good to have the television off at night. Unfortunately, that also means my husband isn't in the house in the evenings. He'll be back on Friday. By then, I will most likely test negative, and he will probably remain Covid-free.

So, today I've been playing with my cats, and doing a couple of things around the house that have been waiting for a piece of time. And seeing other things that are also waiting for a nice chunk of time to be done. I have edited a bit more on my story, and have looked at a photo I set aside time ago to paint with my pastels. I'm mulling just how to start the painting, and which colored paper to use. It looks quite busy, so I would have to simplify it a bit, without taking away the purpose of it. And, as I edit some of my story, I think about how it should continue in another volume, set in war time Paris. If I get to it sometime, it will be a doozy to try to do it halfway right. I would need to read about the period, find out details of life then, and study Google's StreetView until I can find my way around like a native if I ever have the good luck of visiting Paris.

I'm starting to chafe at the quarantine, and I got to thinking about how I ever did the long one two years ago. But then I remembered that I could always go out to the supermarket, then. In those two months, I only found myself at a police roadblock, checking what people were doing outside their homes, twice. I could take a short drive back then, though I didn't push my luck. I also had a few students via video calls, so they helped to break the monotony of the days. This one will only last until Friday, unless I test positive then (I doubt it very much), so I can handle it well enough. God forbid I should ever end up in jail.

I'll end this and go take in a few rays of the afternoon sun, while it lasts. 

Life continues.

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  1. You’ll be out and about in no time. Hopefully it won’t rain all the time so you can go for walks. I smiled because I have been testing myself since my daughter caught Covid and have remained negative, but I always have the symptoms you describe. I have a number of allergies that give me phlegm, a runny nose, a sinus headache and a sore throat almost all the time throughout the year. I think it would be hard for me to know if I had this variant, so I test regularly just in case. Keep well!

    1. I tend to get a runny nose from my allergies within a month, or so. What gave it away this time was the headache, which is not at all usual for me with a cold or allergies.


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