Level Ground, 52, 53, & 54. Vaccines!

I have been rather busy these days, nor can I really sit still for long. One of the reasons is the beautiful weather which pulls me outside. Today is the first day I have worn shorts this year, and my summer slip-ons. It is neither hot nor cool, just right. The other reason is that my husband got his first shot on Wednesday morning, and I get mine tomorrow morning.

Finally, after two calls to the number of the SERGAS, the Galician health service, we got our appointments. My husband's vaccine was Pfizer, and I assume mine will be, too. That means we have to return around the middle of next month, but I don't care. We will be SAFE from this devil virus.

Of course, safe doesn't mean we won't absolutely get Covid, but it diminshes our chances of suffering a severe bout and possibly dying from it, or getting complications. Unfortunately, to reach the level of immunity that means not avoiding large crowds, the majority of people should get the vaccine. We know of at least three people, possibly four, that have affirmed they're not getting that shot because, "it's experimental, and no one knows what's in it." You've got to love how some folk prefer to do their research reading consipiracy junk instead of scientific journals, or instead of finding out what people who actually know what they're talking about, say is the truth. To all those doubters: smallpox was eliminated thanks to vaccination. The probabilities of dying from smallpox were high, the probabilities of getting scarred to the extent of needing cosmetic surgery, even higher. Give thanks to Edward Jenner and his vaccine discoveries for not being in danger of suffering it. Or many other eventually dangerous diseases.

My husband got his shot at the mausoleum of egos in Santiago, the Cidade da Cultura on Monte Gaiás. We had never been up there, and when we drove off the highway exit that led to it, my worst suspicions were confirmed. A large esplanade where the hilltop had been cut away was filled with strange shaped buildings with no redeeming quality, at least one of which was still under construction. The sun blasted down on the cars searching for a decent spot to park, and on the undulating roofs. In the middle of summer, on one of those scorching afternoons, it must feel like hell is supposed to feel. 

There was a continuous movement of cars, both coming in and going out. Searching for a parking space was imperative. In the end, after I had dropped my husband off, I caught a spot the moment it was vacated. Some drivers were testing the patience of the security guard in charge of managing traffic. One pulled his SUV off to a side where he shouldn't, and the guard walked up to his window, waving her arms and beginning, "Pero, vamos a ver, non pode facer eso..." ("Oh, come on, you can't do that..."). Then, she lowered her voice as she berated the driver. People were congregated at a bus stop. Others were walking up to the entrance, while a trickle was dispersing itself through the parking lot. When I got to where the entrance was, I saw that a long line was formed and moving quite quickly. My husband was no longer visible, so I called him. It turned out he joined the quickly moving line, was marshalled inside to a booth, got jabbed, and then was led to a spot where he had to sit and wait twenty minutes to ascertain he had no serious, immediate side effects. 

While I waited, the line waxed and waned. As the amount of people grew, two other lines were formed, depending on appointment times. From the back of the building, people were coming in my direction in dribs and drabs. A Red Cross ambulance was available, and waiting. To try their luck, the people coming out had a lottery seller awaiting them, and a guy selling the Mentireiro Verdadeiro, a Galician version of The Old Farmers' Almanac. But neither was doing much business. A group of school children exited a bus that had parked in the spaces for buses, and was being herded over grassy cobblestones to the far end of the esplanade. A couple of tourists asked the ambulance driver where the entrance to the museum was, and he explained that they had to go around to the back. If it hadn't been for the vaccination crowd, the place would have been deserted. There was no one else around that had come to simply visit.

My husband finally came out, and he told me he'd gotten the Pfizer, and would receive an SMS to get his second shot in about twenty-one days. So, by the end of June we should be both covered. His only reaction was a very sore arm the next day, no fever, no chills, nothing else. Hopefully, when I get my shot tomorrow, I won't have a greater reaction than that, either. 

Here's to the beginning of the end of this nightmare.

Life continues. 


  1. I refused the offer of the so called vaccine. So why did I do that? A vaccine is made from the virus that one wants to avoid getting. Once vaccinated you have no worry about getting the virus for many years. At present what is called a vaccine is not true. Let me explain further. The Pfizer and Moderna "vaccines" are synthetic versions of covid-19 whereas AstraZeneca is made from a cold virus taken from a chimpanzee. In order for the "vaccine" to work they are using gene therapy unlike a normal vaccine such as smallpox. As everyone now knows our bodies are made of DNA and each person has a different type of DNA. Each cell in your body has the same DNA but by turning on one gene it becomes a muscle, a skin cell or blood cell etc. So mRNA is the messenger that does the job. A virus can be DNA or RNA and covid-19 is RNA. The muscle has been chosen to produce the antibodies needed to fight the virus. When the "vaccine" enters the muscle it hijacks the gene that makes the muscle and then starts to produce synthetic antibodies which look like the covid-19 virus. How much of this "vaccine" is put into the muscle? How long does it stay in control of the muscle. Can it leak out of the muscle and spread to other parts of the body such as your leg muscle. Probably won't kill you but it if gets into the heart or brain then you have something to worry about. When does the original muscle gene regain control? What are the long term possibilities for something going wrong as there has not been any long time testing and at present is experimental and issued because of an emergency situation? But even though you have the "vaccine" you can still get the virus and pass it on. So the choice is yours whether or not you are going to have the "vaccine" and if so, you accept ALL the risks.

    1. I respect your choice, though I feel you made it with incomplete information. mRNA vaccines have been investigated for years, both against viral infections, such as HIV or Zika, and against cancers. In 2018, Nature published an article, https://www.nature.com/articles/nrd.2017.243 detailing investigation of mRNA vaccines that has been ongoing since the early 1990's. Just before the pandemic broke out, Moderna was researching an mRNA vaccine against Zika, and BioNTech a similar personalized vaccine against cancer. In the research done last year, it was shown that, once a certain amount of spike protein is created by the injected strand of RNA from the Covid virus, the injected mRNA quickly degrades. It simply creates enough spike protein for the bodies T cells to recognize them, the same way they would recognize an atenuated virus. The injected RNA never gets into the body's DNA, at any time.

    2. All the experiments you mention in your reply were done only on animals. None have ever been done with humans. In the case of animals that were given the vaccine they all died when put back into the wild after getting the virus. None of the so called vaccines are using the actual covid-19 virus as I mentioned in my first comment.

    3. Yes, mRNA vaccines had been tested on humans before the pandemic, for rabies, influenza, and Zika, among others. And, animals used for laboratory testing are generally euthanized. Only some large primates are sent now to sanctuaries. As to the man-made RNA strand, we already put many man-made agents into our body and they are safe.

    4. You should remove all my comments above as it is false information as you have just proved.

    5. No, I won't, because it's an honest discussion.


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